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Blade Mages, a well-known community advocate and dynamic entrepreneur, joined Hype members as the speaker for Decembers Lattes with Leadership program. As a driven K-State student, Blade embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, founding Middle (originally 502 Media Group) in 2008. Evolving from a video production company, Middle has grown into a distinguished full-service creative agency, specializing in the food and agriculture sectors, and serving a wide range of regional and national clients.

Apart from his business endeavors, Blade is a notable figure in community development. He co-founded HYPE (Helping Young Professionals Emerge) as part of his commitment to the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, emphasizing his dedication to nurturing emerging talent and leadership within the community.

Blade’s latest venture is a testament to his commitment to cultural and community enrichment. He is spearheading a significant capital campaign to renovate the historic Wareham Opera House. With over $12 million already raised towards the ambitious $25 million goal, this project aims to transform the building into Wareham Hall, envisioned as a premier venue for a variety of performances, enhancing the cultural landscape of the area.

Blade’s experiences weave a story of pluck, courage, community engagement, and leadership, offering invaluable insights and inspiration to young professionals navigating their careers. He offered key advice to Hype members about identifying their passion and sticking to it through the duration of their professional career. Blade emphasized being confident during business interactions with influential leaders and challenged those in the room to think of each interaction as a way to solve an adaptive challenge alongside others who share the same vision and commitment. Lattes with Leadership occurs the third Thursday of each month at 8:00 A.M. and is a program dedicated to proving young professionals the opportunity to learn from leaders within the Manhattan area. To attend an upcoming program, please visit the events page located on our website.

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