The Connect pillar represents Hype’s efforts to help young professionals make new connections through networking. While networking will inevitably occur at all Hype functions and across multiple Hype pillars, this pillar represents Hype’s interest in creating opportunities explicitly for networking and relationship building.

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Madison Williams
KS StateBank

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YP Lunches provide a regular opportunity for YPs to get to know other YP members in a relaxed, small group setting. The program also rotates members to increase networking with different YPs each month.

YP Coffee Group is a recurring program that provides a socializing and networking opportunity for YPs outside of business hours. Engaging conversations are based on content tailored to professional perspectives or current happenings.

This program is co-sponsored by Hype and Spark. Spark is a nonprofit organization that serves as a regional entrepreneurship support organization for entrepreneurs and emerging business owners. If interested in this program, please fill out the brief application to help us understand your areas of interest and availability for mentorship.

YP Speed Networking is an annual or biannual event where several YPs gather and “speed network.” Two YPs sit together and cover the basics of their professional life in the span of a few minutes. After a brief conversation, groups rotate. This repeats until everyone in the room has connected. Afterward, the room is open for conversations among participants.

The Hype crew is an ambassador group for Hype. They play a critical role in greeting, engaging, connecting, and conversing with new and existing YP members at Chamber and YP events. Hype crew members must know about all of Hype’s programming and connect new members to those programs.

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Group Lunch
Connect Team

Group Lunch

Join us for Hype Group Lunch at Noon the First Tuesday of each month! Hype Group Lunch is a great opportunity to network with other

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