The Develop pillar represents Hype’s efforts to accelerate young professionals’ personal and professional development through ongoing educational opportunities.

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This program provides young professionals an opportunity to learn. Educational development and learning opportunities are imperative for individuals in every stage of their career. It’s important to invest time into professional growth and challenge yourself. With guest speakers or panels of professionals, YPs have a chance to thrive outside of the workplace and advance their professional skills. Events may include: How to negotiate salary, Becoming the Boss, Board Membership 101, and Managing Up.

Adulting 101 focuses on personal growth and development. Navigate life better with the ability to understand which fork to use during our Dinner Etiquette session, or create a better financial plan with the help of a Dave Ramsey certified instructor.

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Develop Team

Emerging Leaders Summit

Manhattan Area Young Professionals debuted their first annual Emerging Leaders Summit on October 17, 2023. This event was dedicated to empowering young professionals to reach

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Tackling Dept
Develop Team


March 26, 2021, the HYPE Develop pillar provided part 2 of the online financial planning courses: Tackling Debt, featuring Joshua Schump, a certified Dave Ramsey

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