The #LoveMHK pillar represents Hype’s efforts to help young professionals build deep and meaningful connections to Manhattan. Through community, civic and nonprofit engagement, this pillar helps young professionals “go deeper” in their involvement with Manhattan itself and, through programming, aims to instill a sense of pride and commitment to the community.

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Jenny Danenberg
Kansas Department of Agriculture


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Nick Whitney, Jeff Sackrider, Melissa Soldan, Grace Stanfield, Samantha M. Tillar, Candice McIntosh and Samantha Ellison.

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The Philanthropy program provides opportunities for YPs to give back to their community through engagement with volunteer organizations and events hosted to benefit local charities and service-minded entities. Through this program’s community service initiative, YPs can contribute to causes that enhance their own lives and help shape a better Manhattan.

The Civic Engagement program encourages YPs to learn about local initiatives and to get involved as leaders in their community by connecting members to influential Manhattan organizers, promoting non-profit board opportunities, and publicizing voter education and government happenings. This program helps YP members develop a sense of commitment to their home by letting them be a part of its growth and development.

The Common Interest program allows YP members to come together to share in the activities they love. Members can reach out to other YPs to engage on a more person level through member-driven activities, like a paint & sip, hiking the Konza, or a float trip; or they can join a YP special interest group to form deeper connections through shared experiences. Whether it is a personal hobby, art, government affairs, intramural sports, or an interest in economic development, this program offers event planning and informal meet ups that foster comradery and a sense of belonging.

The Support Local program promotes the wonderful experiences, people, and places that Manhattan has to offer. This program boosts Manhattan pride by bringing YPs together to celebrate existing local events, to engage with other community organizations, and to encourage a YP presence in supporting local businesses. The LoveMHK Team coordinates with local businesses to offer special pricing for Hype members when available.

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#LoveMHK Team

April Non-Profit Happy Hour

In collaboration with the Young Trustees of the Greater Manhattan Community Foundation, Hype co-hosted a Non-Profit Happy Hour on April 22 at Colbert Hills. The

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#LoveMHK Team

Do you LoveMHK?

When the Hype Steering Committee first polled the membership about what type of events they wanted to see in their Young Professionals organization, we couldn’t

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