The Play pillar represents Hype’s efforts to create fun, social opportunities for young professionals to unplug from the day to day and get to know fellow young professionals through casual, network and relationship-building opportunities. This pillar serves Hype by helping to put the ‘young’ in “Young Professionals.”

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Dierks Law Firm


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Hooray Thursday is an informal event that occurs on the last Thursday of every month at a local business. This program will promote no-agenda networking and camaraderie in a social environment. The Hooray Thursday location will alternate between a local restaurant/bar/establishment and an Investor’s place of business (or location of choice).

The Social Events program will provide YP’s the ability to connect with other young professionals in a fun and unique environment. We will host a variety of events throughout the year. These events may include but are not limited to Aggieville Olympics, YP Trivia, Holiday Gatherings, Tailgating/Watch Parties, Game Nights, Etc.

This program provides an opportunity for YPs with families to connect and participate in family-friendly activities as a group. There are up to three family-friendly socials per year, and events may include but are not limited to Family BBQ, Fall Fest, Day at the Zoo, Etc.

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Play Team

Play Events

Even though hYPe has recently undergone a facelift, the Manhattan YP organization has a long history of FUN! We never lack opportunities to get together.

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Play Team

Introducing: Play

If you are already a part of the Manhattan Young Professional organization we are glad to have you with us throughout our exciting changes and

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Play Team

It’s time to emerge.

If you are already a part of the Manhattan Young Professionals organization, we are glad to have you with us as we make changes and

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