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Getting your first professional job as an adult can be challenging.

Our ENGAGE team is here to help transitioning students, military or young adults find connections in the MHK business community, making this experience easier. We have been reaching out to key individuals within the education, military and business world to see how we can connect with people earlier and provide opportunities to learn more about work opportunities.

In December 2019, we had the opportunity to hear from a career coach from K-State’s College of Business. Their team was very interested in how hype can provide avenues for growth for their students. The idea of staying in Manhattan is not always top of mind for graduates. Many businesses come to the University to recruit soon-to-be graduates and most are from outside of the state. Engaging more local and regional businesses is very exciting to students who want to stay close to home. Some opportunities we plan to explore include: direct marketing through college/department newsletters; advertising through Wildcat Link; participating in some career accelerator courses; offering more microinternships; and joining advisory boards. If you are passionate about creating opportunities early on for college students, contact us about getting involved.

An exploratory meeting with Janet Nichols from the Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce resulted in some ideas for connecting with transitioning soldiers and spouses. Each week there are welcome events and socials happening on post. The ENGAGE team is working on a specialized group of volunteers to help support these activities. In 2017, the median age of individuals living on post was 22.3 years old. With over 750 employees working on post it is important we look at Fort Riley as a major employer and greet them with people they identify with.   

Among recent high school graduates age 16 to 24, the college enrollment rate was 69.1% in 2018. Amount 20 to 29 years olds who received a bachelor’s degree in 2018, 72.3% were employed. That leaves a large amount of individuals not accounted for who ARE working without secondary education. The ENGAGE team is seeking ways to reach these individuals and show them that hype can be a resource for the business community, education seminars, and career networking. We plan to reach out to smaller colleges and educational entities as well as industry specific clubs and leadership organizations. Share your connections with our team, or tell us about how your career started so we can connect with more people like you.

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