Understanding Your Ballot: Economic Recovery & Relief 2023 Sales Tax

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October 2020: Informative session regarding sales tax question to appear on November ballot.

Jason Hilgers, Deputy City Manager and Jason Smith, President/CEO of the Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce

Manhattan is unique in that is falls within two counties: Riley and Pottawatomie county. A large percentage of the city’s sales tax is collected in Pottawatomie County. This area continues to experience growth through retail and business development. The City is asking residents to vote for a .5% city-wide tax, rather than a county-wide tax, for sales tax to be collected throughout all of Manhattan. This tax is called the Economic Recovery & Relief Sales Tax and will go into effect in January 2023.

What will this money be used for:

70% – Debt & infrastructure
20% – Economic Development – specifically job recruitment
10% – Workforce Housing

The Chamber supports the .5% city-wide sales tax,  to take advantage of economic development opportunities to continue to grow and prosper Manhattan. When Manhattan residents were polled about the sales tax, 65-70% were in favor. The Manhattan business community feels that we will not experience quality growth without the ability to attract and retain jobs and talented individuals. The Economic Recovery & Relief Sales Tax is key for this attraction and retainment. The Chamber has put numerous important initiatives in place for this growth and development.

Watch recorded version here.

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